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Marketing and Outreach shares the PTC message all around the peninsula!
Marketing and Outreach shares the PTC/ODT message all around the Olympic Peninsula!

We invite you to share your particular expertise, experience, and interest with the Peninsula Trails Coalition and in our central mission of completing and ensuring perpetual care for the Olympic Discovery Trail.

Media, Outreach & Marketing Committee
Contact Jeff Bohman, 360-457-7536. Helps the PTC and ODT become more widely known and consistently visible throughout the Peninsula, the region, and beyond. Includes developing and distributing brochures, maps, and other marketing/informational materials. This team also maintains the PTC and ODT websites and social media channels. We’re in need of volunteers with experience and/or interest in co-hosting our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels; making short videos for our YouTube channel; and writing and building blog content in WordPress.

Membership Committee
Contact Chris Gutmacher, 360-928-0276. Focuses on developing and distributing information and materials to build PTC’s membership. Coordinates these efforts within other related PTC activities. Also helps maintain membership rolls, mailing list, etc.

Finance & Fundraising Committee
Contact John Dolansky, 360-477-4081. Develops and coordinates fundraising activities and programs and provides leadership in implementing them. Coordinates these efforts within other related PTC activities. Also assists in review and oversight of PTC’s financial management and budgeting process.

Specialized Volunteer Help Wanted!

The PTC is looking for dedicated volunteers to take on these long-term, ongoing roles:

Database Manager
Contact Chris Gutmacher, 360-928-0276. Are you a database expert? We need you! Work closely with membership and newsletter functions to maintain PTC membership and mailing lists.

Equipment/Tool Manager(s)
Contact Chuck Preble, 360-683-4549. Maintain supply of tools and equipment in PTC tool cache (evolving toward one in each of three VP regions), track/inventory and facilitate delivery/distribution/retrieval.

Merchandise Coordinator
Contact Jeff Bohman, 360-457-7536. Take charge of our inventory of t-shirts, pins, patches, etc., and help us be more successful in monitoring and maintaining our inventories, distributing them, and making them available at events and other sales.

Contact Jeff Bohman, 360-457-7536. We need to gather and organize as much as can be found of our organization’s history. Track down past board members, staff, and others to seek materials. Data searching, archival work, etc.

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