ODT Eaglemount Fund: Blaze the Way to Discovery Bay

Connecting the Olympic Discovery Trail from Port Townsend to Port Angeles and all the way to the Pacific. The Peninsula Trails Coalition has been working toward this goal since 1988.

It’s time to get it done—and it will happen, but only with your help.

Our get-it-done goal: Blaze the way to Discovery Bay.

ODT Eaglemount will get cyclists and others off Hwy 20 and onto a safe multiuse trail.
ODT Eaglemount will get cyclists and others off the narrow shoulder of Hwy 20 and onto a safe multiuse trail.

We’re calling it the Eaglemount section: a safe, scenic route from the end of the Larry Scott Memorial Trail to Highway 101 at the foot of Discovery Bay. The ODT Eaglemount Fund will allow the Peninsula Trails Coalition to help Jefferson County fill this 6-mile gap in the Olympic Discovery Trail, building a safer off-road connection toward Clallam County for pedestrians, cyclists, horseback riders, and wheelchair users.

In November 2015, Jefferson County commissioners added the ODT Eaglemount section to its six-year transportation plan. The first step is to complete a study by the end of April 2016 that identifies a likely route for the ODT Eaglemount section that takes people off busy and narrow Highway 20. This study is required when applying for construction funds. The PTC has identified likely funding sources for that step—but that’s just the beginning.

This is where YOU play a major role in making the connection.

With your help, the ODT Eaglemount Fund will help pay for important work, including :

  • Route finding.
  • Trail building, including trailheads, kiosks, signage, and other amenities.
  • Long-term maintenance once the connection is complete.

Let’s grow the ODT Eaglemount Fund to an initial goal of $50,000 and move the Olympic Discovery Trail closer to connecting Jefferson and Clallam Counties—at last! Bonus: We’re already $5,000 ahead, thanks to R&B band Freddy Pink and everyone who attended the big benefit concert in October!

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Together, we WILL make the connection.

THANK YOU for being part of the community that’s making the Olympic Discovery Trail vision a reality.